Analog tonearms in particular have always drawn my prime interest among all components of the audio-chain.

In the past 20+ years I have designed a good range of not-so-ordinary high-end analog front-end audio components.
Starting with the 440lbs bi-radial air-bearing and air-suspended APOLYT-turntable Рcontinuing with the UNI-Protractor triangular alignment instrument, the UNI-P2S and the arch̩ headshell.

However, what was always on my mind, was the all-out-assault on the analog tonearm design – actually the tonearm I always wanted for myself.

A dynamically full balanced pivot tonearm which finally takes into account all geometrical aspects, all the various inherent forces and combines all solutions in a most consequent way.
Thus the very best performance possible for any given cartridge is enabled.

This tonearm design is now accomplished.

It is manifested in the AXIOM
(ancient greek: ‘that, which commends itself as evident’, the premise of reasoning in logic)