The Woodpecker is an entirely new turntable design in which timeless elegance meets excellence in sound. Dr. Feickert Analogue refined its already well-proven bearing design, adding a new high-inertia platter driven by a new high-torque motor. The motor is then further enhanced by a newly developed motor electronics package. Why the emphasis on new? Because this ground-up development has resulted in an extremely balanced and inherently musical turntable with an appealing compact chassis – the new base-line of excellence in turntable design.

The Woodpecker turntable is available by itself or as part of a complete package that includes a 12″ Jelco tonearm and the Acoustical Systems Arché headshell. In both cases, the Woodpecker is available standard in piano black lacquer (pictured) or in optional rosewood.

• Belt drive

• Quick-release system for tonearms and armboards

• Dimensions: 19″ x 15″ x 5.5″

• Armboard: 205–300 mm pivot-spindle (9–12 inch effective length)

• Weight: 40lbs

• Warranty: 2 years, with 5 years on the bearing